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ur Santorini Teak Branch Display Stand has all the storage and display space you'll want. For starters, it has a top bar that you can hang items from, whether they're scarves, bets, ties, or just dogs' leads. Plus, underneath are four shelves.

So have it in your bedroom for clothes, shoes and accessories. Or in your bathroom for toiletries and towels, or on your home office for paperwork and files. Or your lounge or dining room for ornaments and family photos, or in your kitchen for pots, pans and food; or on your hallway for shoes, boots, hats and more.

Save your floorspace with tall storage. Made by hand from teak tree branches, using traditional Indonesian methods, it is superbly strong. Plus, as it tall, it helps to maximise your vertical space, without eating up too much floorspace.

Teak Branch Display Stand

    • Height 165cm
    • Width 60cm
    • Depth 33cm
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