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The Rattan Bottle Light Shades are simple and minimalist in design, each shade is unique and beautiful in its own way. Our handwoven light shades are not just aesthetically pleasing, they are also functional and eco-friendly. The open weave design allows for optimal light diffusion, creating a warm and welcoming ambience in any room. The natural materials used in their construction make them a sustainable and eco-conscious choice for the environmentally conscious consumer. Easy to install, simply attach the shade to your existing light fixture and let the beauty of rattan transform your space.

Rattan Bottle Lightshade Set of 2

  • Large Lightshade Height 57cm
    Large Lightshade Width 45cm
    Large Lightshade Depth 45cm
    Small Lightshade Height 45cm
    Small Lightshade Width 34cm
    Small Lightshade Depth 34cm
    Type of Material Rattan
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